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“Thank you for being you! Always willing to help if you can and squash another kindness into your already busy schedule. Thanks to you we had a fantastic wedding day.”

Orkney Bride

"Thank you for making our wedding such a fantastic experience! All the hours that went into the planning made the wedding day and our time in Orkney go so well. Our wedding guests had travelled from across the globe and were treated to a fabulous three day wedding celebration including a guided tour of the island, the wedding day festivities and even a fish and chip lunch on the final day!

All of the suppliers were expertly managed to ensure that everything, down to the finest detail was perfect (you even managed to keep the bracing Orkney weather at bay!)

We had a beautiful wedding and your helpfulness and accommodating attitude went well beyond the call of duty. “

Martin & Melissa, Reading

"Thank you most sincerely for all you did for our daughters’ wedding. It was all fantastic and we were sorry to leave. We all love Orkney and miss it! Thank you again for everything."

John and Susanne, New Zealand

"Thank you Moira – your help made organising our wedding at The Ring of Brodgar so much easier. It made all the difference having the introduction to the photographer and the florist; it would have been so much harder to find everyone without you. It was also good to know for sure that we had all the legal aspects right with the registrar.

Our Orkney wedding was everything we hoped for: a perfect, special day and your help made all the difference."

Benedicta and Steve, Keighley

"As a parent I would suggest that if you want to have a great wedding in Orkney without any work, then by all means hire Moira to organize it for you. I really mean it. We all had a wonderful time."

Charles Montange, USA

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